“…There is the heat of Love, the pulsing rush of Longing, the lover’s whisper, irresistible—magic to make the sanest man go mad.”
― Homer, The Iliad


We traveled by train from Sophia, Bulgaria to Thessaloniki, Greece for a couple days and then on to Athens and Mykonos. Thessaloniki had a surprisingly wonderful small town feel and a thriving cafe culture. We spent a day just cafe/bar hopping and walking by the waterfront.

Athens will always be my heart place. When I think of where I would most like to be in the world it is always Athens. She is everything sensual to me; lusty energy, sultry heat, spicy air and people that touch your spirit.

Then there is Mykonos, the only Greek Island I have managed to make it to and twice even! Both times there were no boats going down to Santorini but I still prefer to visit off-season regardless. Most of the businesses were closed up for the Winter and the town was just beginning to paint and prepare for the coming tourists. The atmosphere had a buzz about it and we wandered the white walkways alone, it was glorious.